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#WhatPowersYou | Naxos, Greece | Trip Journal

Magic Bolt's Head of Operations, Michael, spent a week in Greece this summer and had the whole team jealous of his adventures. We asked him to create a Trip Journal highlighting his favorite day in Naxos, Greece. Enjoy!

I woke up to the drapes blowing from the winds. It's gusty in Greece, especially the islands, in late August. 

The hotel staff all around Greece was super friendly and hospitable. I loved the morning breakfast spread in our hotel. Especially the cookies. And mini cakes. Also, it's a thing to have Greek salads at every meal in Greece, so I naturally partake.

We're dressed for a day of exploring and grab a buggy to take the scenic route up to the mountain top village of Apeiranthos.

We took our time getting up the mountain and stopped a few times to take in the views. Naxos is really beautiful from the ground, but you don't appreciate all of its grandeur until you see it from above.

Exploration time. The streets of Apeiranthos are quaint and date back thousands of years. We got lost...but that was ok. 

Late lunch at a local Taverna. More Greek salad, more feta, more lamb meatballs, more wine. 

Time to head back down to our hotel. 

Arrived back at the hotel and took a quick nap (all that feta...) before we ventured out for sunset.

The Portera at sunset was magical. The history in Greece is really amazing. We sat there taking it all in until the sun disappeared off the horizon. 

We found another local Taverna for dinner after sunset. It was quiet and understated. We were exhausted after. 

Exhausted, it was time to turn in for the night. I always travel with my PowerDock Pro to keep my phone, watch and airpods easily powered when I'm traveling. The dock fit right on my nightstand in the hotel.